Attention Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics (Fire Rescue Athletes).   

Do your turnouts and uniform fit a little “tighter” these days? 

Do you struggle to climb stairs in your gear, lift the cot, and need a fitness program to get you “Fit for Duty”…Fast?

 Get 6 weeks of Metabolic Fire Rescue Workouts that will make you a Stronger and Leaner Fire Rescue Athlete…


The FRF Rapid Fat Loss for Firefighters (New Program)

The Rapid Fat Loss for Firefighters program was designed for those Fire Rescue Athletes that want to get leaner and stronger in only 6 weeks.  This is a “spin off” of the highly successful FRF Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Workout Program (Click here for more information and testimonials about the program) and uses the same workout principles.  This comprehensive Fat Burning Program creatively integrates fire ground movements, crew workouts, 10-minute metabolic interval overhauls, challenge workouts and will get you stronger, leaner and more efficient on the fireground.  This program is intended for those Fire Rescue Athletes that have fallen off the fitness wagon and need an efficient plan to help get their turnouts and uniform fitting better.  The 6-week Rapid Fat Loss Program includes: 
FRF Rapid Fat loss for FF calendar workout
  • 6-week Rapid Fat Loss Training calendar
  • Full-body efficient and effective workouts including 2 challenge workouts
  • 4 different Interval cardio workouts including crew workout options
  • Over 30 Fat Burning Exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body
  • 5 Highly Metabolic Interval Overhauls
  • Fire Rescue Athlete Training rationale
  • Includes workout options for on-duty and crew workouts (group workouts)
  • Core exercises and stretches (including a stretch and recovery guide)
  • Exercises Exercise tutorials and video links
    FRF Rapid Fat loss for FF workout pic 2

These unique workouts are an instant cure for workout boredom AND fitness plateaus. 

 This is the same workout that the 2016 Fit for Duty Challenge Winner used.  Take a look at his and other firefighters results with this efficient and effective workout…

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our program. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.*


Kevin Glover Pics

When I started the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout I weighted 310.3 lbs with a body fat of 36%. I was able to lose over 60 pounds at the end I weighted 243.2 lbs with a body fat of 24.5%! 

My health was starting to get in the way of my life and the job was starting to get hard for me.  My weight was really starting to slow me down in every aspect of life and the job.

The program truly helped me not only lose weight but I’ve seen a huge change in my day to day life (and not just at work).  I have more energy and I look forward to getting outside and being active.  Around the station I’m the guy now that says let’s go outside and train, do some hands on stuff.

The programs was really easy to follow–everything was laid out for you and if you didn’t know how to do a workout you could go online and check it out (which was really nice for me). I’m still working (every day) to get in even better shape to insure that I am always “fit for duty.” Thanks for this great program!    -Kevin Glover

Take a look the results Adam Hurford got using the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout…


Adam Hurford Pics

When I started the program, I saw weight loss initially, then noticed my cardio was much improved. People kept saying man you look good. After about a month then the body transformation just started booming. My final numbers were even surprising to me.  I lost a total of 45 pounds from 280 to 235, my body fat % went down from 33.2% to 25.8% and I lost a total of 22.25 inches and 6 pant sizes!  I can even see my abs again, the first time since high school.

The weight loss is great but the biggest change with using FRF was that my cardio and my ability in bottle drills was amazing. I could last on my bottle 2-3X longer. The guys at the station noticed and their confidence in me (and in the crew in general) improved.

I enjoyed the FRF workouts, they were easy to follow yet allowed for diversity.  They also used and followed a progression that allowed me to build a very solid “fitness” base. I used the stretching portion at the station and even got my crew involved.  We all noticed the increase in our flexibility!

My life is better because now, I feel like I can perform at a much higher level–I have more strength and stamina, which I was lacking before.  Thank you Aaron for breaking me free of my eating and working out demons and showing me the proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   –Adam Hurford

Congrats to Dave Connors, see the great results he accomplished with the program.

I wasn’t going to be “the guy” who slowed down my crew or my Scott Challenge Team.  I was determined to get in my best shape to prove to my team and myself that I was “fit for duty.”

To get my result i used the rapid fat loss program some clean eating!  During the course of the program I lost 22 lbs. and over 6 inches in my waist!  I also gained some great muscle and developed better cardiovascular fitness.

My results have others on my shift getting active.  I look forward to seeing my results pay off on the combat course this year.  Thank you for the workout program!  Get FRF!         — Dave Connors

Here are the results  other firefighters got with the program…

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our program. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.*

“Hey Aaron.  Just wanted to say thanks for the easy to follow workout program and eating guidelines. Today is day 28 of the program for me and I am happy to report I had great success. Total weight loss for me in the 28 days was 10.5#, I lost 1 1/2 inches off my waist, 5 inches off my belly.  What a nice feeling it is to have loose fitting pants again. Thanks again and I will let you know the results when the program is finished.  Thanks Again and Take Care.”

-Charlie Bau

“So far, I LOVE IT!  Lost 8 pounds in the first month and my core is stronger than ever. I feel more flexible and move faster.  The interval overhauls are a great idea and an easy way to incorporate “real” fire ground movements.  Looking forward to the next 6 weeks…..”

-R.  Heltsrtun

“Hey Aaron, I just have to send you a message to thank you for the workout program.  As of today I have lost 22 lbs., my body has definitely changed and become more defined and my turnouts are fitting me better.  The Eating Guidelines were a huge help and the cardio intervals kicked my butt in-shape.  I have a lot more energy!  I don’t feel rundown and tired after long calls now.  Thank You!”

-J. Markels

“Hey Aaron, Thank God for your program.  I’ve only been on it for just over a couple of weeks and I’m already seeing results. I’m fitting into pants that I couldn’t get into a couple of weeks ago.  I really notice a difference on calls now, I’m able to climb in my gear and don’t fatigue like I used to.  I’m moving better, stronger and definitely leaner!”

-T Heptins

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SOP eating lean firehouse cover 3d

Bonus #1– The FRF Standard Operating Procedures to Eating Healthy in the Firehouse  (Retail Value $39.99) –Eating healthy in the firehouse (or any house) isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes discipline and an avoidance of the kitchen (or whatever place in the firehouse where all the goodies are). Obviously, it is impossible to avoid the kitchen entirely but it is possible to lean out the firehouse. Cooking for a group of hungry firefighters is not easy– if you don’t cook something tasty you will hear about it from your crew…for a long time. The goal of this e-book is to provide some guidelines (and some recipes) on how to cook and eat healthy in the firehouse (and at your own house)

  • Six easy to follow guidelines to get you lean and “fit for duty.”

  • Healthy Firehouse shopping lists

  • Example meal plans

  • Healthy snack ideas that are easy and quick to prepare

  • Healthy Recipes

fat loss for firefighters cover gym companion

Bonus #2– FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Gym Companion and Log Sheets ($39.99 Value). -Print these out and take the workouts and nutrition tips with you anywhere. The Quick Reference Guide and Workout Logs contains exercise photos and descriptions, coaching tips, log sheets for each workout and can be viewed on any mobile device (with the free adobe mobile reader). Great to print out and take to the gym.

stretch and recovery manual 3d transper

Free Bonus #3 FRF Stretch and Recovery Manual ($29.99 value) . This manual includes pictures and coaching tips to help your body recover faster and move more efficiently and “pain-free.” Easy to follow and a great addition to the FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workouts.

FRF cover1a

 Free Bonus #4 ($29.99 value) – FRF Healthy Firehouse Recipes Cookbook.  This Cookbook has over 30 healthy, easy, quick and “crew approved” recipes.  This bonus is offered for a limited time.


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About the Author..
Over ten years ago I was a successful fitness trainer in Minneapolis. At that time I had over 10 years of experience and had a great business and client base which included working with both professional and young athletes. I loved fitness and was constantly working to improve my clients level of fitness (including my own). I was however, looking for something more in my life. The fire department down the street from my house was taking applications for on-call paid firefighters. I’ve always been an athlete and was missing the team camaraderie. I decided to apply. Little did I know that many years later I would be a professional firefighter and training officer in Madison, Wisconsin.
Firefighter Workouts and My Fitness Background…
When I first got involved in firefighting I was quickly introduced to the high demands on the job and desperately wanted to improve my performance in the academy and fire ground. My passion for fitness took over and I started reading and buying any program aimed towards firefighting… Wow, was I disappointed. Back then (10 years ago) all of the programs that I found were very unimpressive. They claimed to be oriented toward firefighters but in actuality didn’t contain any real “fire athlete” functionality. One of the books I purchased didn’t teach me anything more than what I learned in a high school weight training class….frustrating.
The birth of Fire Rescue Fitness…
My frustrations fueled me to research and create this and other Fire Rescue Fitness Programs. This program has been in the making for 10 years. I have personally tested, scrutinized (probably way too much) and perfected this workout program.  I know it works! How do I know,  I’m not only the owner, I’m their best client (I had to say it)…. I’m the guy in the picture..and I’m over 40 years old.
are you fit for duty

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our program. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.*

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This is a Downloadable PDF eBook

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FRF 2017 Fit for Duty Challenge Special Price

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If you don’t see results in 60 days or think this is ‘honestly” the best workout program for Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics than I will give you 100% of your money back. I am trying to change the culture of the Fire Service–to be more healthy and fit. I believe in this program…You have nothing to lose…

Train like a life depends on it…because it does (yours and your crews).

Stay safe and Healthy,
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Aaron Zamzow

Firefighter, Training Officer, B.S., Peer Fitness Trainer, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

Owner/ Creator